Eat Sand and like it


No matter what, a birthday is never celebrated enough. It could be that as children it is one of the biggest moments of the year. Every year a new milestone reached.  Children go up to complete strangers simply to state the event of the day,

“Its my birthday, you know.”

Adults ohh and ahh giving the birthday kid much deserved attention.

So what is an adult birthday? Is it sand in your breakfast, drool on your work desk and paddling through a crowd at dinner? Or the classic movie scene of crying in the street in your pretty dress mud up to your teeth?

It’s all on the perspective.

I did eat sand with my breakfast, sand left by a sushi picnic at the beach the night before. A lunch with my son and husband at work brought the drool to my workplace. Finally at dinner, I paddled through the crowd in a seafood restaurant wearing a captain’s hat while they sang the happy birthday song. Overall, I could write, “It was an embarrassing day throughout.” Instead I’ll say, for all of your adult birthdays, I hope you get to eat sand and like it too.


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