Monthly Archives: June 2012

The Escape


A sudden explosion and the fire held back for days could no longer be contained. A single voice screams, the margin reached and surpassed. Its victim knew of only one solution, to escape. Walk away to survive another day. The pressure of every demand left behind, to awake in complete silence and allow a renewal to take place. Start anew if only for a day, to remember your skin and how the wind feels against it. Tend to your wounds and feel the warmth of the sun once more.

An escape to tame the inner beast was the plan. The plan in effect disrupted by a single discovery. The child that bites the hand of the beast has something to show, a single emergent tooth. The escape never took place, but the beast breathed and wept tears of relief.


Served Right


A night of profound expression, begins with the right set up. The right attire, the right utensils and the succulent meal that will bring out shared memories through a lifetime. The dance begins as each of us sway to set up the table, to prepare the meal, warm the ingredients to perfection with a hint of blandness only its receiver would enjoy. The meal ready and the spoon with every careful and attentive inflection curves around the dish making sure to grasp the right amount of food. It aims at its target as it waves and encourages the loved one to open up to a new taste. The lips open wide, the spoon lunges forward tasted in wonder, but quickly rejected leaving the cook and the helper drenched in bland baby cereal.

Like a Glove


The end of it. The last walking away made it seem too real. The perfect fit, the love that made her feel like she could match up to everything. It couldn’t be fixed. If she had tried to patch things up, it would look fake. She remembers how beautiful she felt embraced and the pain when it all came apart. As she walked away from one last look, there it laid, the best pair of jeans she ever owned.

The Gross Stand Off


“That’s disgusting.”

“No its not.”

“Q-tips are meant for your ear, not your nose.”

“Having a comb for scratching your head dandruff, that’s disgusting.”

“Boogers flipped in the air, that’s disgusting.”

“leaving long hair in the tub drain.”

“using the same sponge for bathroom cleaning over and over again.”

“leaving dirty underwear in the bathroom.”

“wearing white t-shirts with pit stains and stench.”

“gnawing off your nails to collect in a pile.”

“I think we took a wrong turn.”

“Are you hungry?”