Releasing the clutch in anticipation for that green light, for the moment when you can spend all of your energy on your goal, brings an early release to a stall. Embarrassment shows on your cheeks when the car needs a restart. All others are ready to move forward but they are still waiting on you. Finally the car started and you try to move as quickly as possible, however too much gas makes a noisy car. Anxiety is now set in, you know you can do it, you’re able to do more. Another chance approaches. Next stop light, the car is in neutral, when it turns green, the first gear is sticky and you force it. The car hesitates and they again all wait on you. Insults fly out on how the car doesn’t work, to hide the fact the driver can’t handle the car. One last chance and a beautiful transition from clutch to gas and from gear to gear happens. Of course the ones that saw you fail, took a different turn. I may not be able to prove myself to those that have seen me fail, nor to those that have seen me succeed. Regardless I’ll keep driving, awaiting God’s direction for me.


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