Weakened is the human body, made fragile by this one thing. Suddenly every bone and muscle makes a noise and the aches turn life into slow motion. Lack of sleep and rest is first blamed. The next day a new weight begins to invade your body, one you cannot hold up. Your chest caves under the pressure and you begin to show signs. The warnings just make you want to toughen up, to beat this thing before it strengthens. You set your mind to strengthening thoughts, keep it occupied with more important things. Another day and the cold or the hot are uncomfortable, the food tasteless, the people annoying and though a sunny day may beckon you outside, you want to hide. The delight of the moment becomes resting under a blanket while another meets your whiny demands. Nothing takes down the strong man like a cold and so in fact what you had planned falls to the side, all to yell at the body, yes you can.


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