She lifts the shotgun, trying not to complain of its weight. She tries to follow directions of where to drop the shell and which button to push to load it. Her gun loaded, she makes her stance and waits her turn. She tries to practice the key word that will unleash her target. Placing the gun on her shoulder, she tries to aim with her neck twisted to the side, her cheek touching the gun.


“Down the barrel, aim down the barrel,” she reminds herself.


She speaks out, “pull.”


Out goes the orange and black trap, she misses her chance and does not pull the trigger.


She tries again, “pull.” She shoots, completely missing the target, but she smiles anyways.

After twenty rounds, the group celebrates their accomplishments, though she missed every target. The next day a new bruise makes it home on her upper arm, but she walks proudly. She held her stance on every kickback and hopes in her life to do the same.






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