Cranky Day


Nuzzled under the covers there is only one wish, to stay. She feels a need arise, where she has to leave her comfort. She gets up, walks over to the door in a rush. As she opens the door the bottom frame caresses her toes scraping them. She complaints and a faint crying begins. She stands very still in hopes that stillness would still prevail. She hears nothing, so she continues. She arrives at the bathroom simply to slip on the hand towel dropped behind the night before. As she drops to the wet floor, she hears another faint cry. Holding her rage she gets up, drops a towel on the floor to dry the floor. She finishes in the bathroom and begins her walk back to her cozy covers when the faint cry becomes a scream. She rescues the poor baby from his crib to change his diaper. As would be expected, she now has to clean his cute bottom from the monstrous poop which he celebrates by placing his hand and foot in the diaper. After cleaning the child, herself and the changing table, the diaper drops to the floor. Falling at the right angle the diaper decides to spread its joy. Quickening her steps she meets the demand and washes her hands. The baby boy missing her follows his mommy to drop his toy in the toilet. His smile could melt her grinding teeth. On the way to the kitchen she meets up with her husband, who stands staring at her. His pants have muddy paws over them. His shirt soaked in the rain with stains of grass while two tail wagging and muddy dogs stand by his side. They agree this is one of those days.


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