Monthly Archives: November 2012

Sadness Replaced


She wakes up crying. Her sorrowful body fills her lungs with anguish. She does not know if her dreams bring sadness to mind or if some days the body just cries. Her heart weeps for a reason not known. Her family arrives to begin the festivities speaking to her of all the fun to be had. The darkness in her mind reminds her of wrongs. He will not be a part of the celebration. She can’t call him up and let him know she loves him. A season of gladness highlights the one missing, but his seat sits another. A new smile and giggle softens the pain. Her family gathers to cook and reminisce of good times. Her heart begins to enjoy. Sadness began the day but joy wins the fight in the midst of love.


In and out of season



In and out of season the bell bottoms and netting tops end in storage. They state the answers to what is healthy, fashionable, humane and real. Finances arrive once and again they leave. Empty hands to the owner feel lonelier. Today’s importance becomes the least necessary in the future. The things of old are new through a new perspective. We change and add or take away with every season. As the times return, let us be stronger, wiser and perhaps more grateful. For when the tide changes against us again, we can prove we’ll overcome day by day.


The expectation stood up


Finally a breakthrough, when things could begin to unravel. It is the moment that prayers wear out, where the last tear shared can finally dry. It’s here. No longer will I worry about failing, my hopes dropping or of the panic that drowns me. We got good news and the relief should start pouring in like rain on a dry field. Most waited for moment in this time and season and now patience can take the back seat.

I sit and wait for the floodgates to open, for the beginning of the good things to come, but no one comes. The party organized, the plans made, the food prepared and yet no one is at the door. Perhaps a few new fliers, a new investment or a new product to add would make it all happen. Or perhaps it will fail and nothing else will come of it. Perhaps I was the fool that thought I could make it happen.

Another day comes through and some attention received and my heart lifts for a moment. The moment of truth or glorious relief did not arrive, but hope still remains. So I sit bursting with new ideas in the thought that one day as I keep on persevering there will be one glimmer of hope, a customer will actually come to our door.

The Welcome Mat


I’m quite content right here. No, I’m not moving. I can see you want me over there but I’m staying. I also saw my things there by them but I’m not moving. I’m not stupid you know, I could smell your whole plan miles before we got here. I don’t know when it will take place, that is why I’m staying put. I’m comfy, thank you. No, I am not moving. This welcome mat suits me fine. I can see all that’s happening from this very spot and you will not leave without me. Wait, I know what you’re doing. Wait, no I don’t need my leash. No, I’m not going to stay here. Where are you going? I’m going with you. Wait. When is she coming back? Tomorrow? Then I’ll wait right here until then. No, I’m not paying attention to you. Huh? A what? What kind? Pork? I do like those. I do love these. What was I saying?