The Welcome Mat


I’m quite content right here. No, I’m not moving. I can see you want me over there but I’m staying. I also saw my things there by them but I’m not moving. I’m not stupid you know, I could smell your whole plan miles before we got here. I don’t know when it will take place, that is why I’m staying put. I’m comfy, thank you. No, I am not moving. This welcome mat suits me fine. I can see all that’s happening from this very spot and you will not leave without me. Wait, I know what you’re doing. Wait, no I don’t need my leash. No, I’m not going to stay here. Where are you going? I’m going with you. Wait. When is she coming back? Tomorrow? Then I’ll wait right here until then. No, I’m not paying attention to you. Huh? A what? What kind? Pork? I do like those. I do love these. What was I saying?


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