The expectation stood up


Finally a breakthrough, when things could begin to unravel. It is the moment that prayers wear out, where the last tear shared can finally dry. It’s here. No longer will I worry about failing, my hopes dropping or of the panic that drowns me. We got good news and the relief should start pouring in like rain on a dry field. Most waited for moment in this time and season and now patience can take the back seat.

I sit and wait for the floodgates to open, for the beginning of the good things to come, but no one comes. The party organized, the plans made, the food prepared and yet no one is at the door. Perhaps a few new fliers, a new investment or a new product to add would make it all happen. Or perhaps it will fail and nothing else will come of it. Perhaps I was the fool that thought I could make it happen.

Another day comes through and some attention received and my heart lifts for a moment. The moment of truth or glorious relief did not arrive, but hope still remains. So I sit bursting with new ideas in the thought that one day as I keep on persevering there will be one glimmer of hope, a customer will actually come to our door.


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