No RSVP needed



A schedule set, a place organized and a door unlocked should bring all invited. The invitations were explicit. The time precise. The last detail perfected would clearly show the effort taken. The clock chimed, the mood and music selected, but the doorbell did not ring. The food put away, she reviews the email invitations, the people in her list and the time once more. No one was on time and the food did not get eaten until they arrived. The ones to easily embarrass her and question her ways came. They asked for the food, commented on her music and of all her holiday display. They talked louder than they should and were not always sensitive to her feelings but they would never forget her or miss any of her showings. Instead of a night of complaints, she felt relieved and played whatever music they wanted. Sometimes the ones that keep coming even though imperfect express more love than the ones expected.


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