Life Revealed


a soft rose

Her life is full of predictability. She wakes up and lies down at the same hours, she follows all of her appointments and every interaction is like the last. Recently, she notices her companions do not look familiar and she does not remember the regular events of the day. Her daily tasks seem unimportant and she would rather sleep than stay awake to see nothing of value happen. She writes diligently in her diary every event as the day progresses and the next day she reviews it with detail. Only the meals, clothes and familiar faces bring comfort. Though frustration with  her current state looms over her head, she keeps every day on the same pace. One day she could not remember anything from the day before, but she knew her diary would help. She grabs it and reads it aloud to her family member on her visit. She reads about her lunch and talk with Ivy down a few doors. She reads also about the letter she wrote to the president. Her visitor draws closer to hear the story. She goes on to read what she wrote the president on the current state of war. She plainly states that her family could lose their home unless the president takes action and ends the war. She leans forward to show the president’s response. He thanked her for her concern and assured her that he was doing the best he could to make life safer for her family. She smiles as she remembers that day, then a frown sneaks in. She becomes aware of the time. The event did not take place the day before. She was nine years old when she wrote to the president. She tries to change the conversation and looks about the room for somewhere to rest her tired eyes. Her visitor begins to ask her for more details on the president’s letter. She did not know her grandmother as well as she thought. The slip of time revealed a new depth to her life. The current troubles did not remind her of failure for she fascinates her granddaughter with fearless stories of her past.

May your past of this year, reveal a wiser individual in the coming year. Happy New Year!


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