The Potato Peeler



“Casey can you help me here?”

Casey looks up, closes her computer and stands by the cook. The cook motions to her with her lips to the clump of potatoes on the right of the sink. She holds a chicken leg in her left hand and a knife on the right. Casey looks at the amount of potatoes and sighs.

“It’ll go quick. I just need them peeled for now.”

Casey opens one drawer, rummages through the miscellaneous items and slams it shut.

“How’s work going?”

“Its fine.” Casey keeps looking through other drawers, fanning through them and closing them again.

“That’s good.”

“Where is it?”

“Right here.” With her pinky finger the cook coils it around a slender knife and places it in front of Casey.

“What’s that?”

“The peeler.”

Casey smirks and stares at her with her nostrils flaring.

“Honey, that’s the peeler.”

“This so antiquated, how do you use this thing? Remind me to get you an actual peeler.”

Casey grabs the small knife and hacks at the skin of the potato. Every stoke stabs the potato instead of peeling it. She tries again and cuts chunks of the potatoes with the skin on them. She manages to  finish one potato and rushes to start on the other. The cook watches her while at the same time she dips the chicken legs into her special sauce. Casey slashes through the potato to her own skin. She yells, throws it in the sink and washes her hands. At the front door Miriam arrives with her three kids.

“What happened?”

Casey rushes upstairs holding her finger wrapped in tissue. Miriam removes the coats from the kids sends them off to play, kisses the cook and sees the potatoes.

“Did you get the roof looked at yet?”

“Yes, apparently it was something else. How’s Jimmy?”

“He’s fine, just a small cough.” Miriam peels every potato and washes her hands.

“Mom, Lanny needs to go.”

Miriam answers the call, walking by Casey wrapping a band-aid around her finger. Casey looks at the potatoes peeled. The cook smiles at her, but says nothing. Casey looks for another knife and slices each in silence.


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