The never ending trip


Angry, Frustrated Woman

Every scream affects an individual differently. For one particular individual it unfolds a series of trials. The first scream stuns her, she quickly relies on a quick fix, a soother. It works except it’s not lasting. The second scream she leans forward to search in her bag of tricks any object of interest.  She succeeds but the glory fades. The next scream and she positions the advances of technology for entertainment. The interest held but for a few moments. The preceding scream and the obvious complains come to mind. Perhaps hunger or thirst are the culprits. Each remedy however produces a higher pitch. Blankets, bounces, funny faces could not stop it. She is it. The one she hoped she would never be, the mother with the inconsolable child. At this time she feels the moans of the other passengers, as she pounds her thinking cap for another idea. Nothing would work and she could not control it. Every scream increased her desire to cry and scream herself.

Have you been it too?


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