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The therapy bench


black and white bench
A lonely bench waits for lunch time when it feels alive again. At 12:05 on the dot two women sit on it. One of them begins to cry. She waves her arms in circles while her spit reaches three feet ahead of her. The bench stirs in the movement and feels the tremor of the woman’s legs as she speaks. The other woman sitting by her, listens and eats. On precise moments the listener sighs or gasps in disbelief. The first woman lists by order of bad to worse every detail of the hours before. She leans forward to show the attitude of her enemies and jumps up with her fist tall. She confesses her wishes to stand up and say what she thinks. At 12:15, they hug. Her tears refresh the bench. The first woman dries her tears and pulls out her lunch to eat. The second woman crosses her legs, leans back and takes in a deep breath. She stretches her arms wide to express the first words she heard today. She uncrossed her legs faces the other woman with a hand on her hip. She wags her pointing finger and rolls her eyes. The bench moves forward an inch hoping for a lift as the speaker’s anger rises. She continues to sway her hips and hold out her arms to prove the weight of the day on her shoulders. The first lady nods as she eats her meal. The second lady finishes her time with a question, had she done wrong? The first shakes her head. The time 12:25 and as they hug one more time they look to each others eyes, they can overcome the day. The bench watches them leave and inspired by their love decides today she will stand regardless of what the wind or rain say to her.

Author note: I often see as a woman how much criticism we experience on a daily basis and we need a listener to bounce off the negativity and encourage us. On a day when all things go wrong the friend that listens, though a hard task, relieves the speaker’s tight and wounded heart. Could you be the listener regardless of the advice that yearns to come out? or How do you respond when unsolicited advice is given freely but you were not heard?


Behind the rage



He wakes up by his annoyance of an alarm. Yesterday’s frustrations twitch his sore muscles. His old slippers give their last breath as he slips his feet and the left one breaks. He curses the manufacturers, the cheap givers and the unstable economy. He drags the slipper to the bathroom, where he remembers the leaky faucet. No one ever follows through with their commitments, now a days. Three weeks waiting for a repair and not a single person cares. Watching the clock, he stumps in and out of the shower on his way to a cup of coffee. The garage opener doesn’t work fast enough, his car doesn’t warm fast enough and on the road everyone’s an idiot. At the office he shakes his reports at the secretary, demanding quicker service and competence. She breaks into tears once more while he reminds her of her responsibilities and the obvious fact of proper behavior in a place of business. During his drive home, late once more, he misses death by two feet when a truck slides on the road and into his lane. He arrives home to express the need of solidarity and the lack of education in every person he encounters. He sits and swallows his dinner, kisses his wife out of habit and walks into the smallest bedroom. There on the bed a boy rests after a long day. The boy wheezes and his countenance becomes pale. The father picks up the nebulizer, pours the medicine and places the mask on the boy. He talks to him about the weather and reads the boy a book. At bedtime he sits on the bed staring at the wall. Too many idiots, too many irresponsible people and not enough caring except for the love of one or two. She kisses his back and brings back to focus, tomorrow is another day.



Author’s note: This week my assumptions and judgment on someone were wrong. My mind was quick to judge and be negative (a nemesis I fight with often). I did not have mercy or love for that person, so I perceived wrongly. Have you been surprised by your own assumptions? Or been wrong about someone?



Gym Romance



People Exercising at a Gymnasium

High heels on a snowy day, who wears those? She walks in to the front desk.


“Hi. Is Tony available-nevermind I see him.”

“What’s up girl, where ya been.” He sways forward letting his pelvis lead him.

They hug closer and longer than velcro ever should. Her tights and mini skirt never stop attracting his gaze. He might as well lick her with his tongue sticking out.

“Every time I come in, you’re too busy.”

“I’m not busy now.”

How does she keep her hair so smooth and perfect on a windy day? Her makeup is flawless. She is ready to dance the night away.

“Are you leaving early?” Her curls bounce to her right shoulder.

“Yeah you know I got a family thing.”

Yes he does, a baby shower.

“Want me to go with you.”

He’s going to a baby shower.

“Girl now you know I cant go that fast, soon baby soon.”

It’s his own baby shower, like his girlfriend is having his baby kind of shower.

“I thought you said we were going to play together.” Somehow her right thigh slides forward toward him.

Playing, that he does often. Playing the field, scoping the real tender honeys. I got too much mixed up slang in my head cause of this place.

“How about tomorrow?” He slams his fists together like he’s going to make it work.

“Ok then I’ll talk to you tomorrow then.”

Another hug, this time his body leans over her to arch his back to sweep her back up. I could gag, but it actually seemed smooth. I wonder if I could teach my husband that one. She walks all the way in, not just stands at the front door entrance. I assume in that sparkling purse she has workout clothes.

“Terry? Terry.”


“I got a question for you.”


“Can you tell me what symptoms you got when you were pregnant?”

“Symptoms? Like cravings and backache? Oh you mean like when the baby is coming?”

“No I like how you get pregnant.”

“How to know when you are?”

He nods and I go ahead to tell him the sure signs.

“Oh man this keeps happening to me, but I’m pretty sure it’s all in her head. Its like three times already.”

I hope my face doesn’t show the shock but I’m sure it does. He heads to his desk, while I pound away the reasons why I even work here.

An hour passes by and the high heels girl walks out perfect, not a bead of sweat, not a hair out of place and no running mascara. How does she do that? He lifts his head to her. She winks and lifts her shoulder. Her hair swims with the wind, while I try to keep mine from lifting when I lift a piece of paper near it.

Author Note: I find it pretty enjoyable to take life circumstances, specially awkward ones and using them as writing exercises. I suppose I enjoy making my life a little more story like, which leads me to change the subtitle to this blog. Character development in Everyday Life. What do you think? If you ever want to know the background to the stories, all you have to do is ask.

Decide on the fortune teller

Signpost in blue sky with clouds

“When there is no direction or way that stands higher than another, walk. Pick a way that fills your heart and travel it. Learn, persevere but in all decide.”

He droops the note by his left thigh and lets it fly away with the wind. He looses the fortune teller’s note and most likely her heart. It would rain at this time, but he couldn’t trust the skies to agree with his mood. He could think of all the reasons to love, to not love and to forget. He wonders if she means the fortune as a code, a sign to pursue her, to jump the chance and love her. She has no history to her, she appears wherever she feels and he could never read her true feelings. She knows exactly what to say. This time she leaves with a note and a choice. Does he pursue her or forget her? Is the choice about making something of his life?

He stands staring at the pressed grass where her tent was at the fair. The wind picks up and another man walks by him cleaning up the left over stakes and picking up the trash.

“You know its done right?”

He turns around to look at the trash man.

“The fair is done dude, move on.”

The fair left and he still remains hoping to find an answer. He has to move one way or another.

Author Note: I enjoy writing short (more like tiny) stories, to help me practice my character making, plot and so on. Would you say this captured your attention or did the character seem flat?