Decide on the fortune teller

Signpost in blue sky with clouds

“When there is no direction or way that stands higher than another, walk. Pick a way that fills your heart and travel it. Learn, persevere but in all decide.”

He droops the note by his left thigh and lets it fly away with the wind. He looses the fortune teller’s note and most likely her heart. It would rain at this time, but he couldn’t trust the skies to agree with his mood. He could think of all the reasons to love, to not love and to forget. He wonders if she means the fortune as a code, a sign to pursue her, to jump the chance and love her. She has no history to her, she appears wherever she feels and he could never read her true feelings. She knows exactly what to say. This time she leaves with a note and a choice. Does he pursue her or forget her? Is the choice about making something of his life?

He stands staring at the pressed grass where her tent was at the fair. The wind picks up and another man walks by him cleaning up the left over stakes and picking up the trash.

“You know its done right?”

He turns around to look at the trash man.

“The fair is done dude, move on.”

The fair left and he still remains hoping to find an answer. He has to move one way or another.

Author Note: I enjoy writing short (more like tiny) stories, to help me practice my character making, plot and so on. Would you say this captured your attention or did the character seem flat?


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