Gym Romance



People Exercising at a Gymnasium

High heels on a snowy day, who wears those? She walks in to the front desk.


“Hi. Is Tony available-nevermind I see him.”

“What’s up girl, where ya been.” He sways forward letting his pelvis lead him.

They hug closer and longer than velcro ever should. Her tights and mini skirt never stop attracting his gaze. He might as well lick her with his tongue sticking out.

“Every time I come in, you’re too busy.”

“I’m not busy now.”

How does she keep her hair so smooth and perfect on a windy day? Her makeup is flawless. She is ready to dance the night away.

“Are you leaving early?” Her curls bounce to her right shoulder.

“Yeah you know I got a family thing.”

Yes he does, a baby shower.

“Want me to go with you.”

He’s going to a baby shower.

“Girl now you know I cant go that fast, soon baby soon.”

It’s his own baby shower, like his girlfriend is having his baby kind of shower.

“I thought you said we were going to play together.” Somehow her right thigh slides forward toward him.

Playing, that he does often. Playing the field, scoping the real tender honeys. I got too much mixed up slang in my head cause of this place.

“How about tomorrow?” He slams his fists together like he’s going to make it work.

“Ok then I’ll talk to you tomorrow then.”

Another hug, this time his body leans over her to arch his back to sweep her back up. I could gag, but it actually seemed smooth. I wonder if I could teach my husband that one. She walks all the way in, not just stands at the front door entrance. I assume in that sparkling purse she has workout clothes.

“Terry? Terry.”


“I got a question for you.”


“Can you tell me what symptoms you got when you were pregnant?”

“Symptoms? Like cravings and backache? Oh you mean like when the baby is coming?”

“No I like how you get pregnant.”

“How to know when you are?”

He nods and I go ahead to tell him the sure signs.

“Oh man this keeps happening to me, but I’m pretty sure it’s all in her head. Its like three times already.”

I hope my face doesn’t show the shock but I’m sure it does. He heads to his desk, while I pound away the reasons why I even work here.

An hour passes by and the high heels girl walks out perfect, not a bead of sweat, not a hair out of place and no running mascara. How does she do that? He lifts his head to her. She winks and lifts her shoulder. Her hair swims with the wind, while I try to keep mine from lifting when I lift a piece of paper near it.

Author Note: I find it pretty enjoyable to take life circumstances, specially awkward ones and using them as writing exercises. I suppose I enjoy making my life a little more story like, which leads me to change the subtitle to this blog. Character development in Everyday Life. What do you think? If you ever want to know the background to the stories, all you have to do is ask.


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