Behind the rage



He wakes up by his annoyance of an alarm. Yesterday’s frustrations twitch his sore muscles. His old slippers give their last breath as he slips his feet and the left one breaks. He curses the manufacturers, the cheap givers and the unstable economy. He drags the slipper to the bathroom, where he remembers the leaky faucet. No one ever follows through with their commitments, now a days. Three weeks waiting for a repair and not a single person cares. Watching the clock, he stumps in and out of the shower on his way to a cup of coffee. The garage opener doesn’t work fast enough, his car doesn’t warm fast enough and on the road everyone’s an idiot. At the office he shakes his reports at the secretary, demanding quicker service and competence. She breaks into tears once more while he reminds her of her responsibilities and the obvious fact of proper behavior in a place of business. During his drive home, late once more, he misses death by two feet when a truck slides on the road and into his lane. He arrives home to express the need of solidarity and the lack of education in every person he encounters. He sits and swallows his dinner, kisses his wife out of habit and walks into the smallest bedroom. There on the bed a boy rests after a long day. The boy wheezes and his countenance becomes pale. The father picks up the nebulizer, pours the medicine and places the mask on the boy. He talks to him about the weather and reads the boy a book. At bedtime he sits on the bed staring at the wall. Too many idiots, too many irresponsible people and not enough caring except for the love of one or two. She kisses his back and brings back to focus, tomorrow is another day.



Author’s note: This week my assumptions and judgment on someone were wrong. My mind was quick to judge and be negative (a nemesis I fight with often). I did not have mercy or love for that person, so I perceived wrongly. Have you been surprised by your own assumptions? Or been wrong about someone?




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