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Take command and fly



Life has a way of weaving us through different paths. It shapes and shakes the one walking in it through untested terrains. Our choices have a great impact and at times though not our first choice we leave behind dreams hoping to return to them one day. Flying, like a dream that took place once, I left to pursue other goals and dreams. Time passed and though it flickered in my heart to take flight, life seemed too difficult to overcome. At last a new front passed through and a new path opened up bringing to life what I once knew. The wind rushed under me trying to lift me but my wings were dirty and heavy. My wings were rusty and inflexible. I took some time to study, to remember, to ponder again what it means to take flight. Another rush of wind came along and a flux of procedures, speeds and power settings set in my bank of memories rushed out. A window opened and though I thought I couldn’t and it had been too long, I still tried. A blur of words and a giggle on the radio and my low confidence pushed through the jitters and I took command. I flew. My heart took flight again, I took control of the airplane and it dawns on me,

“I dont know what God sees in me, to allow me to do this, for I am not a captain, I’m the crew.”

And I hear in the depths of my heart, “I’ve always seen you this way, Captain.”

Author’s note: God does see us higher than we see ourselves. Have you experienced something that makes you doubt you’re the right person for it but yet you’re able to accomplish it?


Blushing Comparison



They conceive, give birth and live naturally. Their world does not stain with the ills of this world or bend to the suggestions of others. They have higher tolerances, convictions and greater results. This is how she sees them. She feels small, weak and inconsistent next to them. She did not give birth naturally, she did not choose fresh vegetables to eat and she did not recover her pre birth weight until a year after. They shrank two months after birth. She compares daily their progress with hers. When they speak of their accomplishments, she wonders if she doesn’t work hard enough. She chooses some natural ways, but only what she can. She tries to pursue her dreams and goals during nap time and looks for ways to organize her life. A day comes when she meets yet another accomplishing mom. Her five sons are well-educated, respectful and enjoyable people. She compliments the mom on her sons and expects to hear a list of ways to achieve the same. The mom thanks her, but responds “I lost myself.” She blushes. She did not receive advice on how to improve or steps on how to be successful. She heard a truth. She continues to give her best to her child, but remembers not to lose herself.

Author’s note: Do you lose yourself for another? We were all created uniquely by God, are you ok with that?

Brain disconnect



Often when I speak though I know what I want to say, my lips choose other words. The end becomes the beginning of the conversation and the beginning an end without comprehension. In those times I fear that the hearer will think I have a speech impediment or a handicap of some sort. Other times my speech sounds harsh and cutting when the cushioning words go missing. When this happens the words leave me and I wait for a blow. I wait to hear the offended party’s reaction, most of all their scolding. Some do huff and bite off a piece of my heart making assumptions instead of asking for clarification. Few are the ones that respond to what I mean instead of how it sounds. When I try to apologize the ones offended walk away. The ones that wait, understand and confirm that though words are often mistaken, they know my heart.

Author’s note: Know of anyone that responds to what you mean instead of what you say? If so make sure to appreciate those that do not make the quick assumptions and stick with you until the right words come out.

There’s always a reason



He came home soaked. She was wondering where he was but seeing the way he looked, she said nothing. Stained with streaks of black and white were his pants and shirt. His jacket hung loose from one of his shoulders. He let it fall on the floor as he walked straight to the bathroom.

“Rough day?” She remarks from the kitchen.

“I fell.”

“Oh I’m sorry honey, it is pretty slippery out there.” She was empathetic but the soaked look was still funny.

“Not that way.”

“What way?” She walked into the bathroom unannounced. He startled and kept cleaning the long scrapes down both sides of his body.

“What did you do?” She stared at his cuts.

“Nothing, I fell.”

“How and where? I mean did you slide down a rocky hill on your way to save the save the world or what?” She laughed a little. She tried to make him smile. He did the smile.

“Yeah, you know me. If I can’t make a good entrance, it isn’t worth living.” She smiled and helped him remove his shirt and pants. He had lengthwise lacerations on both sides of his body. She patted him down with some cotton balls and antibiotic cream.

“Ok, so are you going to tell me how it happened?”

“Don’t worry about it.”

Throughout the night she came up with all kinds of stories about her husband’s obvious adventure. He ignored her for a few hours and finally confessed.

“I fell down a manhole.”

She laughed. He laughed.

“How did you do that and how did you get out?”

He explained the way he climbed out and how he fell. They had a good laugh about it, but then she paused.

“You’ll have to report it.”

“I know.”

It was the most embarrassing thing he shared the next week at his workplace. Though his body ache it was his pride that felt his pain a little more. When he came home after his report, she called him “my underground hero.” She had made him a cake in the shape of a manhole cover.

Author Note: Dare to share your embarrassing moment, it may just save another’s life.

The New vs The Old



She’s the new manager. She has a concrete motto and strategy. The way to turn around the negativity and the laziness of her employees is to use a special tactic. You do not have to change, you can simply leave and walk away. However, if you do decide to stay, there will be changes. She’s the right woman for the job.

He’s an old employee. He encourages his co workers and talks about perseverance with simple statements that take a long time to speak. Speaking is a form of expression where if the body does not move as well, we all might as well not have anything else to say. He greets people at the door as he mops the floor and remembers to ask how you are doing.

She questions the cleanliness of the rooms and the low count of supplies. He expresses his concerns with the lack of a particular item. She articulates her disappointment in his management of supplies. At the end of the night when the business closes, he walks her to her car. She assures him she’s not afraid. It’s unnecessary to walk her to her car when she can plainly see there is no one else in the parking lot.

On a day like today the complaints are high and two men threaten her existence and insult her intelligence. They argue with her for hours, leaving her thirsty and breathless. When night approaches and she locks the doors, she walks to her car with the old employee by her side. Tonight she does not mind his company and he couldn’t agree more.

Author’s Note: Perspective is key when it comes to the role of women and men. Some would say chivalry and good manners are antiquated.  If a woman agrees to the help of a man does it make her weak? I dont believe so, do you?