The New vs The Old



She’s the new manager. She has a concrete motto and strategy. The way to turn around the negativity and the laziness of her employees is to use a special tactic. You do not have to change, you can simply leave and walk away. However, if you do decide to stay, there will be changes. She’s the right woman for the job.

He’s an old employee. He encourages his co workers and talks about perseverance with simple statements that take a long time to speak. Speaking is a form of expression where if the body does not move as well, we all might as well not have anything else to say. He greets people at the door as he mops the floor and remembers to ask how you are doing.

She questions the cleanliness of the rooms and the low count of supplies. He expresses his concerns with the lack of a particular item. She articulates her disappointment in his management of supplies. At the end of the night when the business closes, he walks her to her car. She assures him she’s not afraid. It’s unnecessary to walk her to her car when she can plainly see there is no one else in the parking lot.

On a day like today the complaints are high and two men threaten her existence and insult her intelligence. They argue with her for hours, leaving her thirsty and breathless. When night approaches and she locks the doors, she walks to her car with the old employee by her side. Tonight she does not mind his company and he couldn’t agree more.

Author’s Note: Perspective is key when it comes to the role of women and men. Some would say chivalry and good manners are antiquated.  If a woman agrees to the help of a man does it make her weak? I dont believe so, do you?


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  1. Agreeing to help of a man does not make you weak, it makes the man stronger. Any man who refuses to be chivalrous is a weak imitation of a man.

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