There’s always a reason



He came home soaked. She was wondering where he was but seeing the way he looked, she said nothing. Stained with streaks of black and white were his pants and shirt. His jacket hung loose from one of his shoulders. He let it fall on the floor as he walked straight to the bathroom.

“Rough day?” She remarks from the kitchen.

“I fell.”

“Oh I’m sorry honey, it is pretty slippery out there.” She was empathetic but the soaked look was still funny.

“Not that way.”

“What way?” She walked into the bathroom unannounced. He startled and kept cleaning the long scrapes down both sides of his body.

“What did you do?” She stared at his cuts.

“Nothing, I fell.”

“How and where? I mean did you slide down a rocky hill on your way to save the save the world or what?” She laughed a little. She tried to make him smile. He did the smile.

“Yeah, you know me. If I can’t make a good entrance, it isn’t worth living.” She smiled and helped him remove his shirt and pants. He had lengthwise lacerations on both sides of his body. She patted him down with some cotton balls and antibiotic cream.

“Ok, so are you going to tell me how it happened?”

“Don’t worry about it.”

Throughout the night she came up with all kinds of stories about her husband’s obvious adventure. He ignored her for a few hours and finally confessed.

“I fell down a manhole.”

She laughed. He laughed.

“How did you do that and how did you get out?”

He explained the way he climbed out and how he fell. They had a good laugh about it, but then she paused.

“You’ll have to report it.”

“I know.”

It was the most embarrassing thing he shared the next week at his workplace. Though his body ache it was his pride that felt his pain a little more. When he came home after his report, she called him “my underground hero.” She had made him a cake in the shape of a manhole cover.

Author Note: Dare to share your embarrassing moment, it may just save another’s life.


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