Brain disconnect



Often when I speak though I know what I want to say, my lips choose other words. The end becomes the beginning of the conversation and the beginning an end without comprehension. In those times I fear that the hearer will think I have a speech impediment or a handicap of some sort. Other times my speech sounds harsh and cutting when the cushioning words go missing. When this happens the words leave me and I wait for a blow. I wait to hear the offended party’s reaction, most of all their scolding. Some do huff and bite off a piece of my heart making assumptions instead of asking for clarification. Few are the ones that respond to what I mean instead of how it sounds. When I try to apologize the ones offended walk away. The ones that wait, understand and confirm that though words are often mistaken, they know my heart.

Author’s note: Know of anyone that responds to what you mean instead of what you say? If so make sure to appreciate those that do not make the quick assumptions and stick with you until the right words come out.


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  1. I get this all the time! My brain will be on to the next subject while my mouth is still only halfway through the first one!

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