Blushing Comparison



They conceive, give birth and live naturally. Their world does not stain with the ills of this world or bend to the suggestions of others. They have higher tolerances, convictions and greater results. This is how she sees them. She feels small, weak and inconsistent next to them. She did not give birth naturally, she did not choose fresh vegetables to eat and she did not recover her pre birth weight until a year after. They shrank two months after birth. She compares daily their progress with hers. When they speak of their accomplishments, she wonders if she doesn’t work hard enough. She chooses some natural ways, but only what she can. She tries to pursue her dreams and goals during nap time and looks for ways to organize her life. A day comes when she meets yet another accomplishing mom. Her five sons are well-educated, respectful and enjoyable people. She compliments the mom on her sons and expects to hear a list of ways to achieve the same. The mom thanks her, but responds “I lost myself.” She blushes. She did not receive advice on how to improve or steps on how to be successful. She heard a truth. She continues to give her best to her child, but remembers not to lose herself.

Author’s note: Do you lose yourself for another? We were all created uniquely by God, are you ok with that?


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