Take command and fly



Life has a way of weaving us through different paths. It shapes and shakes the one walking in it through untested terrains. Our choices have a great impact and at times though not our first choice we leave behind dreams hoping to return to them one day. Flying, like a dream that took place once, I left to pursue other goals and dreams. Time passed and though it flickered in my heart to take flight, life seemed too difficult to overcome. At last a new front passed through and a new path opened up bringing to life what I once knew. The wind rushed under me trying to lift me but my wings were dirty and heavy. My wings were rusty and inflexible. I took some time to study, to remember, to ponder again what it means to take flight. Another rush of wind came along and a flux of procedures, speeds and power settings set in my bank of memories rushed out. A window opened and though I thought I couldn’t and it had been too long, I still tried. A blur of words and a giggle on the radio and my low confidence pushed through the jitters and I took command. I flew. My heart took flight again, I took control of the airplane and it dawns on me,

“I dont know what God sees in me, to allow me to do this, for I am not a captain, I’m the crew.”

And I hear in the depths of my heart, “I’ve always seen you this way, Captain.”

Author’s note: God does see us higher than we see ourselves. Have you experienced something that makes you doubt you’re the right person for it but yet you’re able to accomplish it?


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