Woman Confined Behind a Chain-Link Fence

So it begins, she thinks this morning she’ll sleep in and rest. The baby cries and calls her, she passes the ball. For weeks she desires to relaxation from her stressful life. Afterall, passing the ball is key to success in a team. Her teammate mumbles through the sheets, he’s sick. Tired from the day before she drags herself and smiles to the happy toddler who stretches his arms toward her. The day continues and subtle obstacles rise to the surface. She dodges the negativity and anger fits but her patience drips away. She chases the curious toddler around more obstacles. The first challenge of the day traps her behind closed doors. Alone battling the things that continue to pile, her strength weakens. She finds herself caged, her anger grows. She walks in circles. She comes up with quick games, which bore the little one. She walks outside and back inside. She thinks of a drive to somewhere, anywhere, but the car seat is not in the available car. She has no where she could go. Outside her window a beautiful day beckons her, if only there was a nearby park. Even nap time has no relief, as the baby boy refuses to sleep. Whether hunger, frustration or exhaustion, she giggles in her thoughts. She fantasizes on jumping on top of the weak husband while her child holds on to her leg. Ashamed at her thoughts she makes a call. She needs someone to bring about the right perspective, to help her calm her inward growls. She calls her mom.

Author’s note: Sometimes we just need to be children again and get help. Are you willing to be the kid and be guided in wisdom?


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