Constant Movement

    Rushing by
     “Susie this is a lovely coffee table.” She raises her head to nod at the busy host.
     “Thank you, it’s an antique.” Susie smiles at her from the kitchen, while she chops off the last bites of food, cleans the countertops, washes the dishes and points to the trash bag.
Her husband sweeping, rushes to the full trash bag, ties it and takes it out and returns to his sweeping of the kitchen floor.
     “You see? Susie’s husband is always helping her.” She taps at her own husband’s shoulder who watches intently the busy sweeper.
     “She is also a great organizer. Her house is always clean. She’s very attentive to detail, a giver to the poor. You’d never find any junk among her things, not like our house.”
Her husband nods and sits back on the sofa.
     “She has this philosophy, we should adopt, ‘if it doesn’t move and it’s not in use, then chuck it.’ She donates a lot of their things that way. What do you think? Maybe that will work with us.”
He smiles at her and waves at the sweeper now done. Susie’s husband puts the chairs in place, returns the broom and cleaning sprays back to their well-organized cleaning closet.
     “Look at him, John. He’s a big helper. He’s always moving things around for her, cleaning and rushing to her needs. He never stops moving. Why can’t you be that active?” She puckers her lips having proved her point.
     “Dear, if I feared you’d chuck me and donate me for not moving, I’d be in constant movement too.”
They laughed and continued to watch the hosts at work.
Author’s Note: I owe my humor to my father who does keep in constant movement so he doesn’t go out with the trash as he says. He reminds me to enjoy life. Where can you find the humor in the stresses of your life?

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  1. Constant movement is good for a while, but if I keep it up I feel like I’ll have a heart attack LOL! I’m so thankful for peace!

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