The spider’s monkey



     There are situations that can paralyze a human being. Bad news, unexpected events and surprise visits result in different reactions. Some freeze, others collapse in grief, some dance or scream, but there is no other moment that can make a woman more hysterical than the sighting of a spider. From the first encounter, she can feel its hairy legs crawling on her arms, legs, hair, neck and worst inside her dress. The spider doesn’t need to move to make the woman undress in public, to jump and twirl, shaking her entire being to scare off the tiniest of spiders. It then becomes the dream of every man to have spider senses.

Author’s note: Summer can bring out the lightest of hearts and the craziest of fears in bugs. There is a bug out there waiting for you ;-). Have a crazy reaction you’d like to share? Please reply below. Enjoy the day, next week another hidden truth of motherhood.


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