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Hidden Truths about motherhood #5 The mommy brain



A brain disconnect is an understatement. It’s easy to understand that with the physical changes in your body, stress alters your way of life. There are plenty of thoughts that float in a woman’s mind, more so when there is a baby on the way. Nevertheless, there is a pause. A pause that has no excuse or explanation. It is when in the middle of a conversation you cannot remember the topic anymore. It is where a place you drive to every day becomes a game of Marco Polo as you take the wrong turn and don’t remember the street names. Forgetting or losing keys is a thing of the past. Your present is leaving a toddler outside the door of a car while you strap your seatbelt on and see his or her face looking up at you from outside. Organizing the day is a blank sheet of paper or a blank paper towel, either one serves a purpose if you could only think of what it is you want from it. Tears flow in response to all of it as frustration becomes your ally to the feeling of dumbness. In the end, there is a point to this, your creativity and problem solving skills diminish. If only for a brief time, the baby feeds from your intelligence since conception. It sets in motion a new trait, the mommy brain. Though at times making connections is harder than ever, it also leaves eyes behind the back of your head and the supernatural ability to multitask in the seasons to come.


Author’s Note: Cheers to the mammas that make it work with exhaustion and sometimes with half the brain cells. 😉


The battle is won in silence.


We do not ignore or forget that words have a power of life and death. We exercise freedom of speech to build the muscle of the tongue that it’s often hard not to hear or to quiet down. I find myself with a noisy mind too often and I struggle to rest. Today I heard, “The battle is won in silence.” In the midst of many arguments and speeches, can an individual win without giving voice to his/her opinions? If our tongues are not loose and free is it possible to gain someone’s listening ear? I too have many things to speak and share, yet today’s word is silence.

Before we learn to speak, our crying spoke for us. As we develop we begin to express with motions and signals. We point and we mimic sounds all before we begin to use words. After the words develop in our tongue, do we grow in any other form of communication?

Two men driving in separate cars could not communicate their anger through the noisy honks and whistles of the train, so they gesture at one another from inside their own vehicles.

An older woman born mute uses sign language and sounds to try to communicate to friends, even when she herself cannot utter a complete word. They try very hard to understand her and she delights in their efforts.

A woman walks alone after a hard day at work. She walks around the neighborhood trying to shake off the harsh words of her boss and the snickering gossips of her co-workers. Tomorrow she has to face them again and not say a word.

How do you win the battle in silence? Do you show who you are with your actions and let those words that rise against you fall into deaf ears? The battle is won in silence for the loud words, opinion and speeches will show truth or lies in time. Therefore is silence simply waiting?