The Gossip Club


Secret Kiss From One Boston Terrier to Another

Looking around her the huddles and circles of confidants abound, yet she’s not a part of any of them. She watches as they hug each other with such loving gestures. They ramble of their days without an ending punctuation. As one finishes their story the other begins in a flow of excitement and disbelief. Sharing stories with one another builds their life. She wishes she could be a part of any of these circles. She approaches one and listens partly to a conversation. She gives some input and receives a polite smile. Then the conversation changes to stories only the original members would know about and she finds herself unable to add anything at all. She sees rather abruptly she does not belong in the group, nor is there a desire from them to have her join. She tries one more group and the results are the same.
She comes home to her husband distraught. She explains how she joins these community groups to find friends and a life outside of home. She sits on the kitchen counter and cries. Her husband consoles her saying she should keep trying.
The next meeting comes and she feels a challenge brewing inside. She can make herself more interesting, more desirable as a friend. Somehow she should produce the same expressions of excitement and disbelief from a few sentences. She could peak their interest and be a part of any group. She listens to what they talk about. It’s gossip. Though she doesn’t like to gossip nor does she feel it is right she’s desperate for a bit of attention even if the sincerity lacks. She walks up to a huddle and waits for an opportunity.
“Yes, she said she wouldn’t do it again, but you know how these things go.”
They all nod in approval and she sees the open door.
“At least she didn’t do worse, like give her husband a woman just so she could have a child through her.” She ends her remark, sighs, smiles at them and walks away to grab a cup of tea.
The group looks around at each other, hoping she returns. She lingers by the snack table and strolls her way back to the group and starts another conversation.
“You know, I’m not sure that the volunteer program is bringing up enough volunteers.”
They nod.
“Yes dear, it’s hard to find people who care.” One of them replies and stares at the other.
“Did they have their child?” Another begins the questioning.
“I’m sorry what?” She pretends she already forgot.
“Your friend did her husband have a child from that other woman.”
“Oh, she’s not my friend and yes he did.” She goes on to tell the story and at the end of the night she says good night to her new-found friends.
On Sunday at church, she tells her husband all about it and they laugh before the sermon begins. In the pew in front of them, a few women start to whisper to one another, as they hear the bible story of a man named Abram who slept with his wife’s maid to produce a child. At the end of the service, she walks up to some of the circle of friends and confesses. She doesn’t gossip, so that’s all she could think of telling. They laugh admitting how these bible stories are juicy. They promise one another to help each other be sincere and say goodbye to their gossip club.


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  1. I like it! Did you hear about the guy who had an affair with this chick while her husband was away at war? I heard she got pregnant and the dude arranged to have her husband knocked off. Craziness!

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