One of my paintings

Variety. Pilot, Writer, Artist, Teacher, Wife and Mother, name me one, name me all.

First I am a believer in Christ and that fires me up for life more than any of the other hats I wear. I have a loving and supporting husband, a very determined baby boy and a career that keeps taking twists and turns. Born and raised in Puerto Rico gave me the spice to explore life as I like it. I began to write when I was twelve years old, creating a world to occupy me and myself, as only an only child could know. Art surrounded our home and in a way it still does. My mom is an amazing artist, my husband an incredible musician and my own paintings can at times make an appearance as well. I am a teacher by education, though I only teach on occasion. I am also a Private Pilot who would love to fly more than just once a year if only baby drool could fuel a plane and not money. There it is, a bit of me and hopefully a lot more than it shows.


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