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Life Happens



Perhaps what we are meant to do is to work with what is already in our hands. It may seem quite simple but truthfully it is not what I usually focus on. My goals and dreams are bigger than what I can reach. I often pursue them while I sacrifice the now to achieve the future. I know what happens when I do that, life happens. No matter how I resist my current state and extend my hand to a higher calling, it always seems to pull me down to what is now calling my attention. The more I fight it, the more my hopes and goals take a hit, the more disappointed I am and the more of a failure I feel. If I begin to narrow these things to what is truly important, I may just may get somewhere.

I’d love to be a writer. One that actually has time to write on a daily basis, one that works on a novel and extends that even to other fields of writing. I would love to be that awesome business owner that seems to know how to increase sales and suck the juice out of every advertising venue. I would love to be that pilot that can log hours into destinations that become the center of new adventures and more writing. I could be the woman who speaks about God in a way that would set fire to hearts desiring more to know who He is and why He does the things He can only do. I would love to be that rocking mom that makes her kids laugh, enjoy their lives and feel inspired to make the right choices for their lives. I would love to be that woman who leaves her husband breathless and always thinking of her. I admit right now I am these things in some ways, small ways really. Nevertheless to try to be all of them, leaves me without accomplishing any of these.

I haven’t written in a long time and I guess part of that is that I’ve been trying too hard. I can be the writer that writes when inspiration comes or when I realize nothing fulfills like a good typing exercise. I do work slowly when I can at this small business I have when time allows. I am the pilot that dreams of being in the air and does what it can to stay connected until the money flows enough to help me fly. I do speak and encourage all that I meet to believe in a God that cares and is willing to love. I am the mom that flusters herself trying so hard to do all and do it well. Then I pause. When I take the time to bathe my babies while singing songs and making airplane noises while I brush their teeth, I do become someone I admire. My husband still says I keep him on his toes and thinks of me often.

Life happens, your expectations didn’t match your reality. My expectations did not match and to try to fight it with all my might, leads to missing out to what I have right now. So I pause and work with what is in my hands. It’s not perfect in the way that I would want it and though it was a tough day today I realized it. I sang with a giraffe puppet in my hands making my toddler laugh hysterically and it hits me. I can be this and this is pretty good. This is the woman I am and the one I want to be, one that uses what she has to live, embrace and bless.


The Welcome Mat


I’m quite content right here. No, I’m not moving. I can see you want me over there but I’m staying. I also saw my things there by them but I’m not moving. I’m not stupid you know, I could smell your whole plan miles before we got here. I don’t know when it will take place, that is why I’m staying put. I’m comfy, thank you. No, I am not moving. This welcome mat suits me fine. I can see all that’s happening from this very spot and you will not leave without me. Wait, I know what you’re doing. Wait, no I don’t need my leash. No, I’m not going to stay here. Where are you going? I’m going with you. Wait. When is she coming back? Tomorrow? Then I’ll wait right here until then. No, I’m not paying attention to you. Huh? A what? What kind? Pork? I do like those. I do love these. What was I saying?

Mind blogging


Whether mind boggling or mind blogging, there are a million thoughts that run through my mind. To begin with, why have I started this blog? Simply put, to write. I am a writer and I desperately fail to write. How does one say you are one thing but don’t follow through with it? Very easy, by simply adding things to your life that do not add a greater meaning to who you are. So here we are, a blank page for me to fill and entertain the thoughts of making my ordinary life into the fantasy life I’d like to live in.

Thanks for reading!