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Walking blind




Where is your destination?


A man signs up for a challenge. The challenge consists of walking blind folded in three different situations. The first is at a familiar place, the second at an unfamiliar place and the third with an unknown goal. The man accepts each task as they seem doable. At the familiar place, his home, though blinded he could remember and picture in his mind every object. He could visualize what the room looks like and he shows great ability moving around the obstacles. He enjoys accomplishing that task knowing that if he did lose sight he could still remember.


The next task he sees as a true challenge. In the unfamiliar place, he feels intimidation. He steps forward and discovers his surroundings. He could with touch, smell and at times taste describe where he is and what he encounters.  He feels empowered with each task. On the last task they leave him at a walking trail without a goal or destination. For this task however, they do not cover his eyes. He doesn’t see the reason for this last task, yet continues.

When the man begins his walk he takes a brisk walk to finish the silly challenge. A few hours pass and though he’s fine in health and could walk longer, he stops. He complaints about the pain in his legs, the aches in his body and wonders when the task ends. He rests for a while and walks again for a short time. He then decides to jog for a while and see if he can arrive at his destination sooner. After another hour, he stops. He rethinks the original request realizing he doesn’t know if he’s suppose to find the end of the path, finish it or something else. He walks again and screams to see if anyone would respond, no one does. He continues while his frustration grows and with every step he feels more insecure in his purpose. He feels defeated as he talks to himself about the hours and days lost pursuing these tasks. After a few hours they come for him and take him home. Glad to finish the challenge yet upset that he most likely lost it, he asks about the goal of the last task. They respond, the goal is to walk.




Author’s note: There is nothing that drives a person madder than to not know where they are heading, even if they can see and all they know is they cannot do anything at all but wait. The waiting eventually ends, even if not in the outcome we expect.




The Time Bubble



There are times where the efforts of many fail. The innovative ideas, the goals and date lines result in zero. There is no forward movement or eye-opening discovery. Sometimes nothing evolves. A wild and uncontrollable stillness overpowers your life. All you have to do or make of is what you came into this world holding, your talents. When nothing happens that makes money or increases your status, you have yourself. I’m not referring of vanity or self-reliance but your uniqueness, your God-given talents. When time stands still, you have the time to paint, to write, to record, to create, to do the things you never had the time to do unless God put your life on hold and placed you in a time bubble.



Releasing the clutch in anticipation for that green light, for the moment when you can spend all of your energy on your goal, brings an early release to a stall. Embarrassment shows on your cheeks when the car needs a restart. All others are ready to move forward but they are still waiting on you. Finally the car started and you try to move as quickly as possible, however too much gas makes a noisy car. Anxiety is now set in, you know you can do it, you’re able to do more. Another chance approaches. Next stop light, the car is in neutral, when it turns green, the first gear is sticky and you force it. The car hesitates and they again all wait on you. Insults fly out on how the car doesn’t work, to hide the fact the driver can’t handle the car. One last chance and a beautiful transition from clutch to gas and from gear to gear happens. Of course the ones that saw you fail, took a different turn. I may not be able to prove myself to those that have seen me fail, nor to those that have seen me succeed. Regardless I’ll keep driving, awaiting God’s direction for me.