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The Airshow Opens



A fresh morning air flows through the wind socks on the hats of several visitors. It flaps the free hats with wide brims showing the sponsoring brand of motor vehicles or airplane manufacturers. Grand Champions of the past wipe down the morning dew and wax the Ferrari red from the wings and bodies of their pride and joy. Years in the making, these home-built increase the white hair of their owners and lighten their billfold. There is nothing greater though than admiration from years of dedication, hard labor and courage to build and fly one’s own.

The crowds trickle in spurts carrying plastic bags from the last building. They carry new freebies from this year and a few hang from the loops of their pants or fanny packs. Paper fans, battery operated fans, candy, flyers, stickers, flags, key chains and remove before flight tags flinch at the mass of bodies moving down the corridors. Each visitor has a personal opinion, a story to share or a memory to create. Each salesman or booth worker asks themselves at every hour, when their lucky time will come. They know all too well what happens at each airshow. They know the crowds, the feelings, the pride, the comments and many at times they know your story too.

One man approaches and decides to speak to a particular company member. He asks her questions to test her knowledge on the products and aviation. She seems to know and answers adequately, therefore, the man needs to find a weak point. He names the several planes he flies and the times he flew them in and how he manages to keep them running on his own private airstrip. She nods and agrees those are fun airplanes and they do take plenty of maintenance. He impresses her more to state the various reasons to why he would not buy the product she sells. She responds to each concern and adds the reasons why the product would fit his flying. He continues to ask until he finds the weak point in the product. It does not match his equipment or avionics. He’s particular to a certain brand. He walks away shaking his head at the simplicity and irrelevancy of the product. She steps back to nod to a colleague, yes she is the lucky one for this hour.


Take command and fly



Life has a way of weaving us through different paths. It shapes and shakes the one walking in it through untested terrains. Our choices have a great impact and at times though not our first choice we leave behind dreams hoping to return to them one day. Flying, like a dream that took place once, I left to pursue other goals and dreams. Time passed and though it flickered in my heart to take flight, life seemed too difficult to overcome. At last a new front passed through and a new path opened up bringing to life what I once knew. The wind rushed under me trying to lift me but my wings were dirty and heavy. My wings were rusty and inflexible. I took some time to study, to remember, to ponder again what it means to take flight. Another rush of wind came along and a flux of procedures, speeds and power settings set in my bank of memories rushed out. A window opened and though I thought I couldn’t and it had been too long, I still tried. A blur of words and a giggle on the radio and my low confidence pushed through the jitters and I took command. I flew. My heart took flight again, I took control of the airplane and it dawns on me,

“I dont know what God sees in me, to allow me to do this, for I am not a captain, I’m the crew.”

And I hear in the depths of my heart, “I’ve always seen you this way, Captain.”

Author’s note: God does see us higher than we see ourselves. Have you experienced something that makes you doubt you’re the right person for it but yet you’re able to accomplish it?

Beyond the Heat


How much do you love it or yearn for it? The cold from your clothes shift to a wet warmth. Drops of morning dew do not refresh the sticky soul. Every breath opens pores as they seek relief. Your thoughts pour like drops of sweat asking again, “is it worth it?” You press through and persevere hoping the reward would be more than fitting the sacrifice. You pass the point of no return, where if you do not try, time was lost. Then you relax at the first embrace of air. You feel that cool breeze that steals away the sting of heat and the deep silence above no one knows of but the summer pilot.